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Rental of vans in Guadeloupe

It's more than twenty wild spots that we have unearthed for you all around mainland Guadeloupe.
At the start of your rental, we will give you a Road-Book in which you will find the places to sleep with your van, tested and recommended by Gwada'Camp.

Guadeloupe is a butterfly, a left wing with green colors (Basse-Terre) and a right wing with turquoise colors (Grande-Terre).
Here, no need for a tour operator, our homemade road-book will be at your disposal in the van. You will make your itinerary yourself according to the various points of fall proposed by Gwada'Camp combining security, landscape and amenities.

BASSE-TERRE = River, hiking in the forest, hot and cold waterfalls, Volcano, diving, snorkelling, etc…

GRANDE-TERRE = Lagons, coves and sumptuous beaches, islets, fields of cane, rumery, surf, board, etc…

Example of Road Trip in 10 nights / 11 days

Day 1: Welcome and Discovery of your van
Guillaume and Ludivine will welcome you in the lobby of the airport to take you to your campervan. To avoid driving the first night after your flight, your traveling companion is parked by the sea on a well-ventilated cove. Once the presentations are made, we will share a welcome aperitif and we will give you the famous "road book" which will become your bedside book for your stay. Good and beautiful first night under the Guadeloupean stars.

Day 2:Release the handbrake…
Thanks to jet lag, you will be up early and enjoy a first tropical bath, coffee and shower are just a few steps away for you! We return for the technical implementation of the van, finish the paperwork and above all unveil our best spots and good plans.
Mid-morning, you can start to "ride" to the turquoise lagoon of St Anne and its local market. Swimming paradisiac facing the Saintes and Marie-Galante - Possibility to practice windsurfing, paddle, etc ... A first local restaurant called "lolo" will transport you immediately into the culinary culture of the West Indies. The town of St-Anne offers many activities and beaches, you will find in the road-book your location for the night in wild spot or the inhabitant according to your desires.

Day 3: South Grande-Terre of Guadeloupe
Discover St-François and drive east towards the Pointe des Châteaux, climbing the cross, you will discover an exceptional panorama over the whole of Guadeloupe and its outbuildings. The beautiful desirade of the sailors from the Atlantic. On foot or in a van, you will stroll along this coast to the wind worked by the spray and the Alizes. For your evening, you will opt for a plan alone in the world by the sea or you can share a meal with a Guadeloupean family at home!

Day 4: Northern Grande-Terre of Guadeloupe
Did you know that 90% of the rum produced in Guadeloupe is consumed locally…? Do not miss the visit of the Damoiseau distillery through the town of Le Moule. Take the small roads with the many points of view on the coco cove, the tip of the Vigie ... Here, it is the Breton coast that has stalled !! At nightfall, the spots of Anse Bertrand will offer you a waltz of light on the Basse-terre de Guadeloupe.

Day 5: Between intimate beaches and cane fields…
Anse-Bertrand / Port louis / Small canal… these roads of Nord-Grande-Terre will make you drunk with cane fields and intimate coves. Producers, craftsmen, Guadeloupean population of all kinds welcomes you with open arms. Open your mind, your generosity, your good humor, you are at the heart of deep Guadeloupe! For the most curious, a ballade in beef-pulling through the fields of cane imposes itself…

Day 6: North Basse-Terre of Guadeloupe
On the way to Basse-Terre by the north: Lamentin / St-Rose, the great cul-de-sac marina and its mangrove - In Kayak or motor boat, sail through the mangroves to dock on white sandbanks The islet Caret - Night in wild spot or the inhabitant according to your desires and the road-book.

Day 7: Between beach-cascades and rivers
In the morning, a small detour to the Sofaia springs for a volcanic shower and warm in the wilderness - In this part of the island, you have only the choice between beach, river, waterfalls, ballad In the forest, on horseback- Night by the sea overlooking the islet Kaouanne and the northern islands.

Day 8: The road to the Caribbean Sea
From Deshaies to Bouillante, this national park embraces the regional natural park of Guadeloupe - From the cascade of Acomat, to the lush garden of Coluche, this road is a visit in its own right! Do not forget to take the "Route de la Traversée" which, as the name suggests, crosses the regional park. And why not a night in the forest by the river ... you hear the hummingbirds, the frogs, the wind in the tropical leaves ?

Day 9: The seabed of the leeward coast of Guadeloupe
Nothing like a morning swim with the turtles of Bouillante and better yet, a dive in the ilets Pigeon to observe the coral reef and salute the bust of Captain Cousteau! In the direction of south Basse-Terre, gentlemen, ladies, think about washing the body of this black volcanic sand that offers a wonderful color contrast for lovers of photography.
Tonight, choose your cove to admire the sunset over the Caribbean Sea…

Day 10: The tropical forest of Basse-Terre de Guadeloupe
If you wish to immerse yourself in the tropical forest, Gwada'Camp invites you to take the direction of the 1st and 2nd fall of the Carbet. On this magnificent road, make a picnic stop at the Grand-╔tang, then a little further, the "bassin paradise". Under our advice, we will give you our good plan to find a basin of natural hot water in nature. Walk along the Soufriere volcano because, quite honestly, we are far from having the most beautiful volcano in the world and your traveling companion will thank you for this tourist avoidance.

Day 11: A beautiful last day of road-trip
You will go up from south Basse-Terre without missing the Dumanoir alley: royal coconut trees implanted on both sides in a voice now reserved for lovers of the road.
Before finding us for the return and the check of the van, you will certainly find an interest to visit the historical center of Pointe Ó Pitre, buy your last souvenirs and spices at the creole comforters of the central square…

At the right time, you will count on Ludivine and Guillaume to take you back to the airport.

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