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Rental of vans in Guadeloupe

Preparing your road trip :

What are the rental conditions ?
To rent at Gwadacamp, you must be over 25 years of age and have a valid 3-year license, possess a means of personal settlement. We invite you to read carefully our general terms and conditions ».

How to book ?
Make your request by email, specifying your dates and the number of people to come. We will send you a quote valid 10 days subject to availability at the time of your confirmation. The reservation will be effective only to the cashing of your deposit or 30% of the total amount.

How to pay ?
Deposit: by credit card or bank transfer. The balance on the day of departure: cash in euro or credit card.

How does the security deposit work ?
The deposit of 2000 € is done by bank imprint only (this amount is not cashed but for it to work, please check before your arrival that your bank account is powered by this minimum amount for the footprint to work).
Gwada'Camp gives itself 8 days to return the deposit.

What do i need to bring on the day of departure ?
Your good mood !! but also:
- your lease
- your current driver's license and a copy
- The balance of the settlement which is made either by CB or cash.

What are the schedules ?
Gwada'camp will always try to adapt to the organization of your holiday according to the schedule of availability (airport arrival time, end of rental of a fixed accommodation, end of a rental car, etc ...). On return, the van must be emptied and cleaned before 10 am, but we are flexible.

What should i take as luggage ?
Forget sweater, coats and cumbersome business, you will find that you will spend your time in swimsuit and light clothing. Avoid hard and roller suitcases because they will jam you in the van. Believe our experience, once your suitcase ready, empty it in half !!

Can there be multiple drivers ?
For reasons of insurance, it is necessary to declare any other driver (option at 30 € per driver).

Is the van waiting for me at the airport or do i have to take a taxi ?
For a minimum week of rental, Gwada'Camp offers the client arriving at the airport the transfer Go to the place of departure of the hiring, otherwise the departure and the return of the hiring are done on Le Gosier.

What to do in the event of a breakdown and do you have any assistance ?
In case of breakdown or accident, it is strongly advised to notify us immediately. Do not make any repairs without prior consent. The reliability and the mechanical maintenance of our vans will allow you to go around serenely, but in case of worries, we assist you 24/24, 7/7

What is the fuel consumption budget ?
To discover Guadeloupe, the use of a vehicle is essential. A tourist who rents a car and returns to his fixed accommodation every night travels on average 1000km in the week! In van, provide a full for 500kms

What is the basic equipment of your motorhomes ?
Comfort kit: Dinette, Bed linen (sheets and pillowcases), folding table, folding chairs, sun visor, lamp Camping, cigarette lighter socket with USB port to charge all your devices (plan your cable), radio / CD / USB and speaker. Chemical toilets only on "Minion" and "Copain"

Certains équipements supplémentaires sont proposés en option, à voir au moment de la réservation.

What is the basic layout of your motorhomes ?
All our vans are equipped with a double bed, a kitchen with a fridge and a gas stove, an indoor shower with hot water and / or outside shower, chemical toilet depending the camper van and many storage.

Are pets accepted on board your vans ?
For a reason of respect of our customers, especially allergic people, it is formally prohibited to take with you your companion. Thank you for your understanding.

During the Road-Trip :

Security in Guadeloupe ?
Gwada'Camp will give you its "book destinations" so that you can choose from the different places we have selected. We will advise you so that you can rest peacefully and safely.
The concept and the will of Gwada'Camp is to allow you to meet the Guadeloupeans. The biggest security, you will find it at the inhabitant / Welcoming.

Is Guadeloupe equipped to accommodate motorhomes ?
You will not find any camping area in Guadeloupe, that's exactly what is nice! This holiday formula offers you total freedom of discovery.
Some sites are absolutely beautiful and the terrain is suitable and allowed.
Gwada'Camp will provide you with a list of unavoidable spots.

How do you know where to go to sleep ?
The Gwada'Camp team went to meet the Guadeloupeans to offer them this concept of sharing between "local and tourists". "These people are ready to" play the game ", they are waiting for you to share their culture with you. On your arrival, in the van, there is the "Road-Book Destinations" listing the different inhabitants ready to welcome you with the van for the night. All you need to do is contact them 24 hours before your stopover.

Do I have to pay the resident for his reception on his land ?
In exchange for a little water, electric plug, wifi access or other need related to the van, Gwada 'Camp ask you to contribute up to 10 € per night per inhabitant for his reception.
In addition, you can (if you wish) access the "services" offered: swimming pool, spa, order breakfast, local meals and thus pay for the reception directly at an always cheaper rate than in a restaurant or Other place of duty.
Also for all the services they can make you discover, be as generous as they will be with you!

Is it not too hot in a van built in Guadeloupe ?
Our vans are designed for heat, they are well insulated. It is the warmest day of the day,???? in general you will be on a walk, on the beach or on an excursion, in the evening, the temperatures are quite acceptable and we will explain to you how to optimize and to gain freshness of effective way.

What is the state of the roads in Guadeloupe ?
Since 2007 and fortunately for us, the 416km of national roads and the 619km of departmental roads are maintained very regularly and worthy of the metropolitan roads. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the branches of the mango trees, to the falls of the coconuts and to the many dorsals that serve to slow down your driving.

Where can you replenish water ? Empty the black waters ?
Gwada'Camp will provide you with a list of points where you can make the full of water and empty black waters and chemical toilet.

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